Review: Tibi Fall 2018 Collection

Four women, including actress Ashleigh Murry and 2 Dope Queens' Jessica Williams wore Tibi's yellow Spring 2018 pleated dress with the removable belt to the brands Fall 2018 show on the pier. All styled differently but equally as gorgeous, it was all the evidence needed to prove that Amy Smilovic is connecting with shoppers.  They love the brand's easy but modern take on womenswear, and Smilovic has founded her sweet spot playing with trends that may not fit within the brands aesthetic and working them into signature Tibi looks --last seasons PCV snap corsets were popular amongst the attendees street style too.

So when examining this Fall 2018 collection, two things were on the brain: Distinguishing how the designer worked today's fashion hype into her fall lineup, and what looks or pieces will style influencers and editors flock to next. Smilovic used her collections inspiration, the cities constructions sites to tackle the trend hurdle, which in 2018 it's logos and monogram prints. Spray-painted symbols and signals you'd find on pavement decorated isolated areas on a khaki trench coat, knit scarfs, and a sweater. It was Tibi's attempted at a "logo print", and it just enough outside the brands comfort zone to be cool without losing the identity she and her team worked to build since it's 2010 brand. As for Tibi's next hot ticket garment, we're predicting the blue metallic skirt will in the clothes of many come autumn. It's also worth noting that the layered Alpaca del Peru v-neck sweater and turtlenecks pair with the skirt looked pillowy soft as it walked by should also win the fashionable hearts of many. 

Tibi's other offerings included more vibrant colored separates --think street cone orange, safety vest lime green--, tailored separates -- a half quilted blazer was a cool take on the linings you find in heavy work coats ie: Carhartt--, and cowboy boots in a currently trending white, an embossed black croc, grey and blue.

See the rest of Tibi's Fall 2018 Collection below!