Did Willy Chavarria's Pay Homage To Polo Sport?

Kolor Magazine Willy Chavaria Fall 2018 Look 21.jpg

During the streetwear wavy of the 90s, Polo Sport was a brand beloved by rappers and their fans alike. Launched in 1992, the active wear rose from its humble beginnings as a diffusion line for the Ralph Lauren brand to it's own entity regularly worn by the Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, and Thirstin Howl the 3rd who founded Lo Life, the crew credited for introducing Ralph Lauren to Hip-Hip. Often bright in color, most of your Polo Sport featured American flags and the brands name written in big letters across the chest or down a sleeve. It's this same style that seems to inspire a few of Willy Chavarria's sweatshirts from his Fall 2018 Collection. 


Just like in the 90s when the now-defunct Polo Sport was thriving as a label, brand culture and logo worshiping is prevalent in today's fashion's marketplace. Chavarria's interpretation of the styles isn't as vibrant as its predecessor, but with "U.S.A" and "sport" written across the grey and back tops along with his name and flag details, the mood of Ralph Lauren's once coveted clothing line is evident. To see more of Willy Chavarria's Fall 2018 collection check out the slideshow below.