Leave It To Fabolous To Make Turtlenecks Cool For Spring

Aside from the elongated collar that folds downs but still wholly covers your neck, the turtleneck is no different than any other long sleeve shirt hanging in your closet or folded in your dresser drawer. Depending on the material, it can be an ideal seasonless garmented, and with the proper styling, you can go from daytime cool and casual to nightlife suited and suave in the top. In reality, every man could use a turtleneck in his wardrobe, but the tubed-neck style isn't as popular as its button down or standard collar crewneck peers.

Well, that's at least how we felt until rapper Fabolous made us reconsider the turtleneck's it factor. Drowning in blinged out jewelry, one half of the Freddy Vs. Jason duo stepped out in a pink Calvin Klein turtleneck and all of the sudden we're ready to throw our negative options about the turtleneck away and give the neck covering shirt style a chance for spring.  Try a denim jacket --plain or adorned with patches and pins-- with contrasting jeans and a pair of low top kicks or a relaxed day look and if you need to dress and want to skip on the button down and tie, swap the denim and jeans for a tailored blazer and slacks. You can shop our turtleneck selects below.


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