LFW Men's: Bobby Abley Men’s Fall 2019 Collection

It's not a proper Bobby Abley collections if things don't get a little cartoonish. In past seasons, the London based designer who launched his namesake in 2012 has placed Star Wars' Darth Vader, Aladdin's primate partner Abu and Warner Bros' Looney Tunes on his designs. For his Fall 2019 offering, Abley kept with the playful menswear aesthetics by applying a "gotta catch them all" attitude. Pokemon, the Japanese anime series that boast a trading card game, video games, T.V. programming, and movies commanded this collections focus.

Sticking with characters found in the Indigo League (Pokemon's inaugural season ) Charmander's Ember attack inflamed button downs and overalls. Pikachu's Thunderbolt lit up a sweatshirt and matching Squirtle's Bubble attack bombarded sweatpants and puffer separates. Aside from the character's signature moves the pokemon themselves covered denim suits, silk pajamas, and outerwear. Beyond the cartoon clothing, Abley had to rely on other trends to fill in the gaps. Logos, the most significant trend in fashion right now was the most prevalent. Bobby Abley's name ran across the chest on knitwear and hoodies. Variations of plaid, from traditional to Buffalo tartan and highlighter hues of pink, and green kept this fall lineup of streetwear eye-catching and "Instagram-able."