Fast Fashion: Usain Bolt Tied The NFL Combine 40-yard Dash Record In MCM

Thanks to Usain Bolt’s record-breaking speed the New England Patriots aren’t the only ones leaving Atlanta, Georgia with bragging rights. At a pre-Superbowl event, the retired Jamaican sprinter enjoyed his first NFL experience testing his athleticism with the vertical jump and the 40-yard dash. Bolt holds the record as the worlds fastest man, so it comes as no surprise that he sent the crowd into a frenzy when he tied the NFL Combine 40-yard Dash Record at 4:22 seconds in a casual pair of MCM Worldwide logo sweatpants and suede Puma x MCM sneakers. Impressive seeing that a runner usually hits the track in compression gear and track spikes after a session of stretching and pep talks before breaking or matching records. Bolt 4: 22-time ties with Cincinnati Bengals’ Wide Receiver John Ellis Ross III, who broke Chris Johnson's 4.24 record time in the 2017 NFL combine.