High Fashion Cosplay: How To Dress Like Brock From Pokemon

Behind every Ash Ketchum there’s a woman loving, solid as a rock stand up guy like Brock. The oldest of many siblings Pokemon fans were introduced to the Pewter city gym leader and his rock type Pokemon on episode 5 of the Indigo League series, Showdown at Pewter City. It’s safe to say Ash, the challenger from Pallet Town technically lost both battles he had with the Brock in his quest to obtain his first gym badge but he ended up not only gained his first badge from Brock but a life long friend that traveled with in him to through the Kanto, Johto and Sinnoh regions.

Next to Ash and Team Rocket, Brock has arguably has the most episode appearances in the Anime series and with his consistent presents in the show brings more slight changes into his wardrobe. Brock’s attires is more like a capsule Wardrobe. Never straying from a color palette of Diglett Dirt brien, Syther green and Magmar Brick orange (shout out to the Pokemon crayons from the 2000) but from region to region he’s swamp jeans for cargos and vests for jackets. To help the cosplay devotees looking to debut their best Brock look searched for the best pieces to get his look from his classic blue and white sneakers to his solid color tee’s to help you dress like Brock

The Shirt

Up top where you’ll find the most range in Brock’s wardrobe. The aspiring Pokemon doctor has worn both tee shirts in solid orange or green and short sleeve button down shirts.

Image Courtesy:  behindthevoiceactors.com

Image Courtesy: behindthevoiceactors.com

The Pants

The styles may have changed from jeans to cargo pants but the earth tone colors stays consistent.

Image Courtesy:  Wikipedia

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

The vest

Brock loved a good vest and often wore one over his t-shirts and his button down shirts.

Image Courtesy:  bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

The Belt

Always black and with a gold belt buckle, Brock never shied away from accessorizing.

Image Courtesy:  hero.fandom.com

Image Courtesy: hero.fandom.com

The Shoes

The blue and white sneakers not necessarily match, but from region to region during this ladies man’s travels his trusty blue and white kicks always remained the same.

Image Courtesy:  deviantart.com

Image Courtesy: deviantart.com