Andrew Yang Went Tie-Less On Night Two Of The Democratic Debate

Even at Democratic Presidential Debates fashion statements are made. On night two of the first primary debate of this election season, ten more democratic prospects took the stage in Miami, Florida to address the American people. The Rundown for night two’s nominees is as followed: Marianne Williamson, John Hickenlooper, Andrew Yang, Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Kristen Gillibrand, Mike Bennett and Eric Swalwell. For the gentleman on both nights traditional blue suits, classic button-down shirting, and blue or red ties. Black — or should we say blue — and white, right? Not for candidate Andrew Yang who found a loophole in the unofficial political dress code. Yang, who is the only Asian man, tech entrepreneur and championing a unique policy issue, Universal Basic Income (aka the freedom dividend) stepped on stage tie-less. 

Groundbreaking, not so much in the world of fashion but in a world where former President Barack Obama caught slack for stepping out in a tan suit, going against the grain in this space was the fashion moment he needed everyone to lock onto.. The Hill called the move a, "small yet bold fashion statement." The Daily News said the "fashion statement did not go unnoticed," and The Big Lead asked, "Is America ready for a Casual Friday president? I have no idea but dammit if I’m moderately excited to find out." The rest of Yang’s look consisted of a navy blue suit, a button-down shirt with the top button undone, dress shoes and for a little patriotic pop, an American flag pin. 

As for his debate performance (and disclaimer, I am currently 100% team #YangGang and not considering any of the other Democratic candidates) Andrew Yang only spoke when spoken too —and when did speak he talked fast. His quietness may have been apart of his strategy (he was the number 1 trending topic on twitter) but personally, I wanted my guy to show up more. Drowned out by the Harris, Gillibrand and Williamson who certainly used their voices to command more speaking time, Yang sat back, relaxed and relied on pitching his UBI policy for most of his answers. I would have loved to for the Andrew Yang that showed up for his Breakfast Club and Joe Rogan Experience interviews to shine through more. Yang’s best moment from the 2 hour event came with his closing statement which shockers, didn’t mention UBI. 

“I am proof that our democracy still works. Democrats and Americans around the world have one question for their nominee, and that is who can beat Donald Trump in 2020. That is the right question, and the right candidate to beat Donald Trump will be solving the problems that got Donald Trump elected and will have a vision of a trickle up economy that’s already drawing thousands of disaffected trump voters, conservatives and libertarians as well as democrats and progressive. I am that candidate. I can build a much broader coalition to beat Donald Trump. It is not left, it is not right, it’s forward and that’s where I’ll take the country in 2020.”

I hope that if he qualifies for the next rounds of debates, he brings more of a bite with another menswear fashion statement. 

Thumbnail Image Courtesy: The New Yorker