8 Best Fanny Pack Brands For Men

The fanny pack, or some from of a crossbody bag has become the menswear “it bag” for the past several seasons. It’s not hard to see why. Who doesn't love being hands free with all your essentials in close proximity for immediate acces? I live in Harlem and on every block I can spot men, from the ones who treat everyday like a fashion show to the fellas who dress with comfort in mind, with a bag strapped a crossed their chest. We’d also also noticed the crossbody styles on the runways at fashion week too both here in New York at John Elliott and Landlord and across the pond at Loewe and Amiri. Face it guys, we’re officially dressing in a man bag era.

This once “fashion don’t” have a history that dates back to 3,300 B.C. Tourist hiking on The Alps accidentally discovered the Iceman, a.k.a Ötzi in 1991 wearing a before Christ fanny pack. According to National Geographic, Iceman carried a “quiver made from wild roe deer.” Fast forward to the late 80s and early 90s and you'll find these bumbags received major fashion acclaim. In 1988 Adweek dubbed the accessory “the hottest product of the year” and in the 90s iconic fashion house Chanel gave the bags their stamp of approval with their 1992 advertising campaign where supermodel Claudia Schiffer wore a fanny pack. Today you’re more likely to find one of these bags strapped across the upper body, not the waist and on guys and girls alike. 

These bags are great for the guy who packs light as they aren’t made for a man’s life that extend past what you can probably fit in your pockets. If your daily essentials are limited to a stuffed wallet, cell phone, keys, a couple small miscellaneous items and you want to try going a day without bulging pockets the fanny pack in its newly worn crossbody look may be the bag for you. Since the number of brands with their own variations of the again popular bumbags are endless, we’ve rounding up the most popular ones for you to shop from.


Supreme may be branded as a street wear brand, but the big white lettering is just as popular among the high fashion crowd as a Louis Vuitton monogram print. The dope thing about the selection of Supreme fanny packs is we’ve found a few of their collaboration bag on the market to choose from including Supreme x Nike, Supreme x The North Face and Supreme x Lacoste.

Image Courtesy:  Vogue.com

Image Courtesy: Vogue.com


Obviously a sports brand like Nike would have Men’s bum bags with an functional athletic twist. These waist bag are not only perfect for making a fashion statement but great for duo usage when you need a bag to strap on during outdoor workouts like biking or running.

Image Courtesy:  Upscale Hype

Image Courtesy: Upscale Hype


You’ll be running to Champion for more that sweatsuits this fall. Their classic logo on their offerings of men’s crossbody bags are both price point friendly and stylish enough to stunt with.

Image Courtesy:  Finishline

Image Courtesy: Finishline


Balenciaga is one of the luxury brands that’s finding popularity with their fanny packs. Their non fussy approach to their bags, opting for a clean look instead of Balenciaga bells and whistle, makes these bags a great chose for any wardrobe.

Image Courtesy:  Huffington Post

Image Courtesy: Huffington Post


Herschel is another brand offering a great price point on bum bags with a wide range of style options to shop from.

Image Courtesy:  The Wire Cutter

Image Courtesy: The Wire Cutter


If you’re team three stripes, these men’s Adidas’s fanny pack are the premier choice for a bag that’s both functional and on trend!

Image Courtesy:  Upscale Hype

Image Courtesy: Upscale Hype


Gucci is all about making a statement! If flashy is you’re way of being dapper, Gucci has a men’s waist bag for you.

Image Courtesy:  Norris Dantaford

Image Courtesy: Norris Dantaford

Tommy hilfiger

Of all the bags Tommy Hilfiger fanny packs for men give the most nostalgic vibe. With the 80s and 90s always serving as an inspiration to designers, and fashion connoisseurs alike, these vintage style bum bags are such to draw some serious attention.

Image Courtesy:  Pinterest

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Nigel Isaiah