Here's The Skinny on Pauline Black

You can see why singer Pauline Black's style could be muse-worthy of a designer. A quick hashtag search on Instagram will expose her signature uniform: a black band fedora, menswear suiting,  and checkerboard print button downs, often accessorizing with pocket squares, sunglasses, and gloves. It's this classic and tailored look that inspired the black and white oxfords,   sharp separates and accessorizing found throughout Duro Olowu's Fall 2018 collection. Such impeccable style persuaded use to learn more about the artist, so here's the skinny on Olowu's muse, Pauline Black. 

Black is an original member and lead singer of 2-tone ska revival band, The Selecter founded back in 1979. The band's first project, Too Much Pressure pushed the Egland native to heights. Not only did the album become certified gold, it also helped with crowning Black as the "Queen of British Ska".

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In 2017, the band has released an album entitled 'Daylight' which infuses Caribbean sounds with British punk rock. Black also released her memoir, Black by Design back in 2012. To stream her latest tunes with The Selecter's, you can listen to 'Daylight' below.

Thumbnail Image Courtesy: Twitter