H.E.R. Commands Attention In Her "Focus" Video

H.E.R., the faceless R&B sensation who spent roughly the first year of her rise to fame hidden behind blue, and gold-filters and photos with her back and big curly hair facing the camera lens isn't hiding behind the shadows as much. In fact, in her new video for her song "Focus" she's stripped away the supersized sunglasses that conceal her identity to command the attention of her cornrowed lover.

"But I feel alone even when we're alone/And that don't cost a thing/But I don't wanna give up/Baby, I just want you to get up/Lately I've been a little fed up/Wish you would just focus on me," H.E.R.'s smooth and sultry voice melts over the Darhyl "Hey DJ" Camper Jr. Track. A house party sets the tone of the video as the semi-anonymous artist tries to get noticed by her love interest who's occupied with his phone and video games.

Fans who have followed H.E.R.'s music since her debut in 2016 will recognize "Focus" from her Vol 1 Ep. You can watch the official video for the track below.