Jadakiss And The Rest Of Your Favorite 90s Rappers Would Love The Jeans At Willy Chavarria

You won't catch rapper, Jadakiss in a pair of skinny jeans. On "First 48", the intro track on his last solo project,  'Top 5 Dead or Alive' the "Nah, I ain't with the coward ish/First the skinny jeans, now they wearing blouses" lines expressed his disapproval on how rappers of this younger generation dress. Kiss and his peers came up in an era where the jeans (and just about everything else) were loose-fitting and baggy, a complete 180 from the skinny jean world we live in today. However, Willy Chavarria is offering an alternative to today's norm as 90s style baggy jeans and Dickies-like pants debuted at his Spring 2019 show. Shown with extra large tees, super-sized front pocket button-downs, coordinating oversized denim jackets and Timberland boots, the models looked like they could have gone back to New York City 90s for these looks to hit the runway in. Other notable ensembles included the collaboration soccer gear with Danish soccer brand Humme, which pays homage to immigrants, documented and undocumented who pay soccer for teams worldwide (fitting with the World Cup in full swing). These looks opened the show and will be apart of see now, buy now capsule collection to hold customers of the brand over until the rest of the collection releases next year. So Jason Phillips and the rest of the anti-skinny jean clan may have to continue to rock out with the slim fit dungarees for now, but thanks to Willy Chavarria more fit options are coming soon.