For The Culture: Styles P Just Launched Hip-Hop's First Health Food Store

When Styles P isn't sewing back into hip-hop with fire bars on G Host or Nickle Bag, the Master of Ceremonies rapper is pouring back into our communities with health-related ventures. The rapper already runs Juices for Life, a juice bar located in the Bronx and Brooklyn, New York and recently he launched his next project,, hip-hop's first health food store. With the goal to cater to under-served communities the mission of Farmacy For Life is "to offer you a holistic alternative to prescription drugs and painkillers containing harsh chemicals and harmful side effects." The online shop offers many different products from cold-pressed Blackseed Oil, healing creams and other natural, vegan-friendly healing products retailing between $19 and $150 for those looking to take a more holistic approach to life. We commend The Lox member ongoing efforts to provide healthy alternatives for black and brown communities in New York City and now with Styles can touch hip-hop and health fanatics everywhere. 

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