#KolorOnPolitics: 5 House Democrats To Watch In 2019

Let's set the scene for the first half of Donald J. Trumps presidency. Succeeding Barack Obama, President Trump, a Republican entered the white house with a red-controlled Congress. Paired with his combative nature and fast twitter fingers Trump and the republican wreaked havoc in Washington. These first two years came with a Muslim Band; border wall chatter; White House staff musical chair; word wars with North Korea; the list goes on. Today, however, change is on the horizon in the Trump Era. With a net gain of 40 seats, Democrats secured control of the lower chamber, and Freshman class of 63 incoming newly elected house representatives will get sworn into office today. Among this new democratic class, 38 of them are women, 22 of them are people of color, and many of them hold "first" titles. These Washington newbies are settling into the nation's capital alongside their season politician peers who are taking over house chairs and gearing up to take on 45. As the political landscape begins to change, here are five Democrats in Congress to pay attention too in the new year.

Who: Ilhan Omar, U.S. Representative from Minnesota's 5th congressional district 

Why: As one of 2 women Muslim women in Congress we expect that her presence will combat Trumps insensitive rhetoric towards the Muslim community. Vogue is also expecting her to be the first woman to wear a hijab in Congress, talk about representation.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, U.S. Representative from New York 14 congressional district

Why: Cortez is about that run down life! Not only is this New Yorker ready to take on Trump, she is willing to take on her own party’s leadership, incoming Democratic house speaker Nancy Pelosi if need be.


Who: Lauren Ashley Underwood, U.S. Representative from Illinois 14 congressional district

Why: She’s the voice of the young people. Underwood, a registered nurse, will be the youngest black woman to enter Congress at 32 years old.


Who: Deb Haaland, U.S. Representative from New Mexico's 1st congressional district

Why: Haaland said it best in Newsweek Magazine, “Congress has never heard a voice like hers.” Deb Haaland is one of 2 women who will be the first from Native American decent to take on Washington.


Who: Jerry Nadler, U.S. Representative from New York's 10th congressional district

Why: Nadler will be taking over as the House Judiciary House Judiciary Committee Chairman. Among his list of responsibilities, leading the impeachment charge if Democrats opt to start this removal process. If Trump faces impeachment, expect to see Jerry Nadler at the forefront.