Listen to The Best Remakes of Casanova’s "Set Trippin” So Far

It’s no small feat for Casanova create a song that's a certified street anthem and a hit all wrapped into one, but his latest song “Set Trippin” does just that. 

"Punch you in the face, m**********r I knock ya teeth out/Every time I come through, n***a I got my heat out/If you want smoke, ain't nothin' we gotta speak ‘bout/See you with that red flag on, what that be ‘bout?” the Brooklyn native spits ten seconds into the song. Then the beats hits, your head starts rocking; you immediately catch on to the lyrics and boom, you can’t help but consider the Pushkeyz Beats-produced track a smash hit. 

The song has gathered hilarious parody videos; a co-sign from rap legend and fellow New Yorker Fat Joe, a plead from Tidal’s editorial director Elliott Wilson for the song to be added on the music streaming service and the ultimate stamp of approval, remakes from his peers. 

We’re sure more rappers will put their spin on the hard-hitting track in due time, but check out these artists who've already dropped their “Set Trippin” freestyles.


Kiyanne | @therealkiyanne

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Papoose | @papoosepapoose


Billy B, OG Marlyn Monrollup, Banga Loc, Gino Mondana | @thcbillyb

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