Every Instagram Caption Worthy Line From Solange's 'When I Get Home' Album

There was a mass canceling of plans when amongst black women when Solange announced her new album When I Get Home would drop Friday, March 1st. Solo's last project, A Seat At The Table produced a number of soulful hits including "Cranes In The Sky", "Don't Touch My Hair" and "F.U.B.U." secured her first Grammy nomination and win for Best R&B Performance and thousands of new cult fans --though day 1's been around since Solo Star.

Before the release of When I Get Home, Solange teased images from the visuals accompanying this body of work on OG social media site, Black Planet. In the photos, the youngest of the Knowles sisters posed in metallic armored body suits and cowboy boots with big flowing hair and glowing brown skin (courtesy of Solange). The sounds of the new album pick up on the old one left off; sure-footed in her ability as an artist and her blackness. "Almeda" birthed collaboration with The-Dream & Playboi Carti to rep everything black, " Brown liquor, brown liquor/ Brown skin brown face/Brown leather, brown sugar/Brown leaves, brown keys/Brown zippers, brown face/Black skin, black braids/Black waves, black days/Black baes, black things/These are black-owned things." On Binz, a steady drum and cymbal rhythm paired with smooth production from John Key & Panda Bear created inscent lighting vibes as Solo flows and flexes over the beat, "I just wanna wake up to the suns and Saint Laurent/Hundred thousand dollars on the fronts and the blunts." To hear the entire LP, stream When I Get Home and check out the best Instagram captions from Solange's new album.

1. Things I Imagined

"Things I imagined."

2. S McGregor (Interlude)

"And now my heart knows no delight."

3. Down with the Clique

"Down-down-down-down with ya, down with ya"

4. Way to the Show

"Uh-huh, uh-huh, you can get it"

5. Can I Hold the Mic (Interlude)

"I can't be a singular expression of myself; there's too many parts,"

6. Stay Flo

"Niggas play games when you flex."

7. Dreams

"I grew up a little girl with dreams, dreams, dreams..."

8. Nothing Without Intention (Interlude)

"Fuck these ho ass niggas " and "Do nothing without intention."

9. Almeda

"Black faith still can't be washed away."

10. Time (is)


11. My Skin My Logo

"My skin my logo."

12. We Deal with the Freak'n (Intermission)

"We are not only sexual beings, we are the walking embodiment of God consciousness."

13. Jerrod

"Come and say the word and you know you gon' hit it."

14. Binz

"I just wanna wake up on CP time."

15. Beltway

"Love me"

16. Exit Scott (Interlude)

"If it were possible to place you in my brain and let you roam around, in and out my thought waves, you would never have to ask, 'Why do you love me?'"

17. Sound of Rain

"We lit on our own, won't you let it up?"

18. Not Screwed! (Interlude)


19. I'm a Witness

"I'll be your vessel, I'll do it every time."

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