5 Fashion Brands Mentioned On Juice WRLD 'Death Race for Love' Album

The music sounds different but even for today's generation of rappers name dropping luxury fashion brands in song lyrics continues to be a mainstay in hip-hop music. Juice WRLD, a Chicago born rapper whose second album, Death Race For Love, follows in the same traditions as those rocked a mic before him. There are mentions of the European fashion houses based in Milan and Paris: Christian Dior, Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Chanel but before we get into the lyrics, let's take a look at Juice WRLD's style.

His best fashion moment we found on his Instagram page was a shoot styled by Celebrity Stylist and Designer of ALÉTTE, Jason Rembert. Rembert, whose client list includes Issa Rae, Rita Ora, Odell Beckham Jr, and Angela Rye styled Juice WRLD in a rubberized trench coat from New York City-based and made brand Rochambeau and pants from Ev Bravado and pieces from Alyx Studio. He's also styled the rapper for his most recent Billboard cover in a Fall 2019 N Hoolywood knit sweater.

More of the rappers personal style looks aren't brand-heavy, though we did spot him in a Gucci T-Shirt paired with plaid trousers and a knit cardigan, Juice WRLD outfits come with a fun sense of style. You'll find the rapper wearing graphic tees hoodies that feature lots of colors and fun images, distressed jeans, and sweatpants. Many of the tees are his tour merch which he's also probably sporting right now on tour in Europe with a fashion queen, rapper Nicki Minaj.


Want to see more of Juice WRLD’s merchandise, visit deathraceforlove.com. Check out Juice WRLD most stylish lyrics from his Death Race For Love album and let us know your thoughts on the entire album!

Christian Dior

“I wear Dior, not a fad, 'ad, ’ad, 'ad”

Track 5 - “Fast”


"So I put Gucci on the fur And I put my wrist on iceberg"

Track 8 - "Robbery"

"Gucci cardigan, I'm the flyest gent"

Track 12 - "Who Shot Cupid?"

"She past drippy, the Gucci slippers, Versace linens"

Track 19 - "Won't Let Go"

"Just like Meek Milly, oh, got my Gucci sweats on"

Track 20 - "She's the One"


"F**k you in the Prada, poke her face like Lady Gaga"

Track 9 - "Flaws and Sins"


"Brand new Chanels Don't look at the tag, baby"

Track 17 - "On God"


"Brand new China set for the house, Versace dinner plates, uh"

Track 16 - "The Bees Knees"

"She past drippy, the Gucci slippers, Versace linens"

Track 19 - "Won't Let Go"