Every Instagram Caption Worthy Bar From Takeoff’s Verses on Culture II *UPDATE*

*This post was updated on 3/12/19 to add Takeoff’s verses from Migo’s Culture album..*

Ever since Migos 'Culture' album skyrocketed to the top of the charts around this time in 2017 fans have patiently, and impatiently awaited a follow-up project. This past weekend they got what they've been waiting for, Culture II. With standout features from Drake, Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage and 2 Chainz to name a few; the trio delivered 24 songs of endless turn up for our listening pleasure. Now with Quavo sharing that he thinks Takeoff is the best lyrically in the group in a recent Breakfast Club interview, we decided to peel through his verses to find every Instagram caption worthy bar from each song. Stream Culture II and check out which bars we approved for our Instagram below.


CULTURE II (1/26/2018)

1. Higher We Go (Intro): "Bag of bread, call it loaf"

2. Superstars: "I put my heart inside this shit ‘cause I was chose. I put my heart inside this shit and only God knows"

3. Narcos: "Savage, but I’m still a gentleman in Cali"

4. BBO (Bad Bitches Only) (Ft 21 Savage): "Takeoff, bad bitches on me only bad bitches want me" 

5. Auto Pilot (Huncho on the Beat): "When it comes to the gang gang we can’t lose"

6. Walk It Talk It (Ft Drake): "Drop dead fresh, I need a coffin, ballin’, something we do often"

7. Emoji A Chain: "I know my rights and worth"

8. CC (Ft Gucci Mane): "And I got the ice on fleek"

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9. Stir Fry: "They mad the way we win, they think we used a cheat code"

10. Too Much: "Jewelry: Wanna walk in my shoes, gotta take that risk"

11. Gang Gang: "Hey, I know this might sound weird to say, but would you love me if I ran away"

12. White Sand (Featuring Big Sean, Travis Scott & Ty Dolla $ign): "I’m laughing never lacking"

13. Crown the Kings: "Free all my n*ggas locked up in the cell"

14. Flooded: "Superbad, call me McLovin'"

15. Beast: "I’ma take the lead, follow me"

16. Open It Up: "You tryna plot and we known' it"

17. MotorSport (Ft. Cardi B & Nicki Minaj): "Aint make no commitment with none of you bitches cause money is treatin’ me well"

18. Movin’ Too Fast: "I got the dogs with me an I’m a let em off the leash"

19. Work Hard: "When I say I’m fresh, don’t need no stylist to get dressed"

20. Notice Me (Ft. Post Malone): "Comin up watching them n****s on tv like they wee what I wanted to be, Now I’m the one getting paid for it, thank God its a blessing to see"

21. Too Playa (Ft. 2 Chainz): "I love my mama never change up on her"

22. Made Men: "Cars, jewelry, house everything paid for"

23. Top Down on da NAWF: "Mirror, mirror, who the richest n****s of 'em all"

24. Culture National Anthem (Outro): "Put your mind on it, must defeat my opponent"


CULTURE (1/27/2018)

1. Culture (Featuring DJ Khaled): "Finesse a nigga, no raccoon"

2. T-Shirt: "I'ma get that bag, nigga, ain't no doubt about it (Yup)"

3. Call Casting: "I dab in the latest fashion (eat it up)"

4. Bad and Boujee: -

5. Get Right Witcha: "Lit like Christmas (like Christmas)"

6. Slippery: " retro Air Jord' deadstock (-stock)"

7. Big On Big: "How you gon' big on big?"

8. What The Price: "That bullshit and cap, you can leave it out (cap)"

9. Brown Paper Bag: "I ended up in first place but I swore a nigga started last (I swear)"

10. Deadz: "My momma told me I gotta stay humble"

11. All Ass: "No credit, no debit, the cash way"

12. Kelly Price: "If you let me in and I like, I change your life (change)"

13. Out Yo Way: "Never switch or act brand new"